20 pounds! My doctor was shocked! I'm now off my diabetic meds! All my levels went up including my vitamin D! I just cried because for so long I've wanted to start losing weight! I stopped giving excuses and gave this product an honest try!!! I tell my friends and people that inbox me, it works!! You have to follow the directions! - Marissa

Ummm I'm gonna need a new gallon!! Started this thing at 275 now I'm almost at 260!!!! Your detox in conjunction with the meal plan and working out has me feeling incredible! - Carolle

Lisa, I don't know what you got in that detox but it's working MAGIC! Day 1 I was 186, yesterday I was 182.6, today I'm 181.6! I will be ordering more soon! The detox plus breakfast (oatmeal, a boiled egg and nuts), lunch (salad), and dinner (grilled chicken) is amazing. Thank you so much!! - Danielle

I love love this detox! I've done everything to lose weight and it hasn't worked. When I went to the doctor a month ago I was 270, now I'm 240 and still dropping! Thanks to you this body is getting wedding dress ready!! 🙌 - Mel

I've seen you say results in 1 week but I was curious to see if it would even work on me. Last Sunday I was 245, and this morning I'm 234! I don't know how or what you have in this detox but it just works - even though I don't know how!! - Rita